Anonymous said: I understand if you need the new url to be able to vent so not gonna ask what it is. Do what you need to do to stay on this earth.

It’s not so much about venting anymore. I just don’t want certain people knowing what I post anymore. Feel free to ask for my new url, but do it off of anon.

Anonymous said: whats your new url

For obvious reasons I’m not going to give my new url in a public message. Want my url? go off anon.

Barely anyone seems to have unfollowed me since I left. Hm.
Oh well.

Anybody that wants to follow my new blog (I mean, not really new, had it since I left this one), send me a message. This’ll be the last message I post on this blog.

  • List of things I have achieved in 2013: Didn't kill myself. Didn't kill anyone else.

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Well, happy new year to my followers, I’ll miss you.

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the worst thing is when you see a really good friend start to replace you 

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alcohol may kill you, but it’ll never break your heart

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The Rules of Social Anxiety

1. Walk with eyes fixed on the ground
They are watching, laughing, judging
Walk normal
Don’t focus on it too much or you will stumble and be made a fool of

2. Look like you are writing and busy in class
avoid being called on
you know the answer but what if you stutter or mumble
What if they tell you “speak up I can’t hear you”

3. Don’t make a noise
hold in that cough that sneeze that breathe
people will hear you
do not draw attention to yourself like that

4. Spend time every night before you go to bed to think
Think about all the embarrassing things you have ever done
Everyone remembers, that’s all they remember

5. Never enter a room full of people
They all look
Why are you here?
Why are you alive?

6. Your friends all secretly hate you
you know why they didn’t reply to your text
you know how they all dread seeing you
you are only put up with because of pity

7. Always be scared
Scared to sit next to a stranger
Scared to see someone you know
Scared eat in front of people
Scared to talk on the phone
Scared to go to social events
Scared order at a restaurant
Scared to talk
Scared to have a panic attack
Scared to be noticed

Always scared
but don’t worry,
you don’t like people anyway,
at least that’s what you say,
you’re “antisocial”
You don’t even care what they think, people are annoying,
that’s what you tell them.
You play it off as a joke
but really you’re always scared.

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